Our Range

In 2002, TAG Heuer undertook a bold new challenge with the launch of its first Eyewear collection. In just 10 years, it revolutionised the accessory market, garnered several international design awards for its avant-garde innovations, and is universally recognised as the number-one “must-have” maker of high-performance sports eyewear in the world.

Faithful to the strong values of the brand, TAG Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear pushes past conventional codes to create utterly innovative, never-before-seen products. Clean, sober and fluid, the collection’s design has unsurpassed character and a strong and recognisable identity.

The full range uses materials from the watch industry, aerospace, and part of motor racing: titanium, carbon fibre, and grade rubber also used in F1. Among its first breakthroughs was the world’s first frame designed to fit comfortably under a racing helmet, thanks to a new innovation: straight, hinge-less elastomer arms.